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About Musiksverige

Musiksverige is an association tasked with communicating and highlighting the industry’s key topics for discussion. Our primary aim is to provide commercial Swedish music with the best possible foundation and environment needed to create, develop and thrive internationally through collaboration with other creative industries, government agencies and departments.

As of November 2017 and due to the the #metoo campaign and the over 2000 women in the Swedish music industry that signed on against sexual harassment in the music industry, Musiksverige has set course for a new direction. The association shall focus its efforts to work for a more inclusive industry free from antagonistic behaviour, sexual harassment or/ and abuse. This directive will take precedence over all other activities.

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The Music Industry in Numbers

Since 2010, Musiksverige has developed and presented statistics showcasing the financial performance of the Swedish music industry in the form of revenue generated via legal distribution channels within domestic and export markets.
In seven years from 2009 to 2016, revenues have grown by 50 percent.

The report analyzes trends within the Swedish music industry based on three main categories; copyright revenue, revenue from recorded music and concert revenue.

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The founders of Musiksverige are SAMI (The Swedish Artists’ and Musicians’ Interest Organization), Musikerförbundet (Swedish Musicians Union), Symf (the Swedish Union of Professional Musicians), Stim (Swedish Performing Rights Society), FST (The Society of Swedish Composers), The Swedish Music Publishers Association, SKAP (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors), IFPI Sweden (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) and SOM (Swedish Independent Labels).

Network members are SSES (Swedish Sound Engineers Society), Swedish Accordionists Association, MBIN (Music Business Independent Network), MMF (Music Managers Forum Sweden) and Association of Music Industry Training.