Musiksverige gets a new assignment – establish equality in the industry


Press release

Spurred on by events in recent weeks, Musiksverige has set course for a new direction. The association shall focus its efforts to work for a more inclusive industry free from antagonistic behaviour, sexual harassment or/ and abuse. This directive will take precedence over all other activities.  

Musiksverige stands united. Sexual harassment, abuse and all manner of offensive behaviour is completely unacceptable and must cease immediately. As an industry, we will tackle the acute problems highlighted as part of the #metoo movement, and we will now work more structured and purposefully to address the issues of inequality that exist in our industry. Our belief is that in a diverse and inclusive industry, there exists no culture of silence and no room for structural oppression.  

Young people come to our industry with big dreams. This, combined with fierce competition and unstable terms of employment makes them vulnerable and puts them in a state of dependency. A vulnerability that should never be taken advantage of.

We are committed to acting more decisively and vigorously than ever before, against the abuse of power and sexual harassment that occurs in our industry.

We are also committed to becoming and providing a strong support system for those who have been victimized as well as affected by, sexual harassment and abuse.

Now is the time to make a real change. The goal is to have an industry free from oppression, sexual harassment and abuse. Musiksverige has previously worked for a more inclusive industry, however it now tops the association’s agenda. It is our top priority.

As a result in order to meet our goal, the organization will be restructured to be a collective and demanding force with competence boosting activities as well as being a meeting place for the exchange of experiences.

According to our analysis, the problems encountered are linked to the lack of women in key decision-making positions. This imbalance has made it possible for men with bad attitudes and questionable intent to abuse their position. In order to establish long-term change, the percentage of women in positions of power needs to increase.

Therefore, we shall work to change the gender imbalance within our own management groups and board to achieve the gender equality we now demand. We will act as strong role models and as such do everything we can to influence others in the industry to do the same.

Of course, we will in different ways create and improve channels and support features for those who have been victims of the gender imbalance. We at Musiksverige will be a lot more vigilant to any concerns brought to light. Never again shall the culture of silence persist in Musiksverige.

Elisabet Widlund
Chairperson of the Board, Musiksverige and Managing Director, the Swedish Music Publishers Association

Linda Portnoff
Managing Director, Musiksverige

Sofia Thurn
Project Manager, Musiksverige

Alfons Karabuda
Vice chair, Musiksverige and Chairman, SKAP (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors)

Karsten Dyhrberg Nielssen
CEO, Stim

Martin Jonsson Tibblin
President, Society of Swedish Composers

Jan Granvik
Chairman of the Board, Musikerförbundet och SAMI

Stefan Lagrell

Gunnar Jönsson
Chairman of the Board, Swedish Union of Professional Musicians

Ludvig Werner
Managing Director, Ifpi Sverige (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)

Jonas Sjöström
Managing Director, Playground Music

Anders Engström
Styrelseordförande, SOM Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter

Contact person:
Elisabet Widlund, Chairperson of the Board, Musiksverige
Telephone: + 46 8 783 88 91

Sofia Thurn